Triple-U Ranch


For Florida's ranching families, the land is not just where they raise cattle; it's also where they raise their families. They have a personal stake in the quality of their environment - so they are always looking for new ways to improve the air, water and land on and near their property. 

In fact, today’s cattlemen are significantly more environmentally sustainable than they were 30 years ago. A study by Washington State University in 2007 found that today’s farmers and ranchers raise 13% more beef from 30% fewer cattle.

When compared with beef production in 1977, each pound of beef produced today:

Produces 16% less carbon emissions

Takes 33% less land

Requires 12% less water

ENVIRONMENTAL Stewardship Program & award

The Environmental Stewardship Program is a way of assisting others to learn more about the environment, conservation, stewardship practices, and educational opportunities. 

Each year six families across the nation are recognized for their efforts in being Environmental Stewards of the Land. Florida is home to many regional and national winners. Learn more about them below. 

2010 Region II Winner

Deseret Cattle & Citrus

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2012 Region ii winner

Circle Square Ranch

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2013 Region ii winner

Kissimmee Park Properties

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2014 regional winner

Two Rivers Ranch

2015 region ii winner

Bull Hammock Ranch

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1991 Region ii winner

Adams Ranch

1994 Region ii winner

Rafter T Ranch

2001 region ii winner

Barthle Bros. 

2004 National Winner

Williamson Cattle Co.

1992 region ii winner

Crescent B Ranch

1999 region ii winner

Lykes Bros.

2003 Region II winner

Carlton 2x4 Ranch

2005 National Winner

Lightsey Cattle Co.