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Masters of Beef Advocacy

Today’s Consumers are more interested in their food, from pasture to plate, than ever before. The state of Florida has a population of over 20.9 million consumers, and they have questions that they would like answers too. Whether you are a producer or just some one has a genuine interest in the beef industry—you can better answer those questions by completing the Master’s of Beef Advocacy Training. 

As a MBA Student you will complete 5 modules in Beef Advocacy, covering the topics of:

  • The Beef Community
  • Raising Cattle on Grass
  • Life in the Feedyard
  • From Cattle to Beef
  • Beef, It's What's For Dinner

benefits of being a MBA graduate

Once you have completed all five courses you will continue to have access to the five courses on the checkoff-funded MBA Classroom site, as well as the latest talking points, fact sheets and presentations you need to be successful beef advocates. You also will be invited to join the Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni Facebook group – a virtual community for MBA graduates to share success stories with each other, Through these sites graduates will be encouraged and equipped with tools to reach out to broader audiences in their communities by: 

  • Giving presentations – schools, civic organizations, etc. 
  • Getting active in the online environment – posting comments/video on Web sites, blogging, etc.
  • Participating in media interviews – print and/or broadcast media

MBA 2.0 is a Free Program

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MBA in the classroom

This is a great resource for students studying agriculture or groups involved in the industry. If you would like to complete the MBA as a group request a classroom kit:

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For more info:

Contact state mba coordinator:

Allyson Trimble
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